8 Screen Video installation with three, 8 channel video works

Denver Art Museum August 2016.  Here is the set up process for the 8 channel video installation.

Video Installation for the Love and Light Show in Loveland, CO and Lakewood cultural Center in Lakewood, CO

For full screen video click on the links below and select 1080p in the youtube settings for high definition resolution

A Sweet Distraction in Three Parts


Video installation on three screens with sound.  This piece was part of a two person show exploring the history of the sugar beet industry in Loveland.  This piece was purchased and is now part of the Loveland Museum and Gallery permanent collection.

Yoo Hoo 2016

Fall Leaves 2016

Fine Art

Self Portrait 2016

The Little Chapel of Our Holy Motherboard

Coming June 2017 at Currents New Media Exhibition

Where would be without our beloved technology?  Our use of computers, cell phones, robots, drones, and virtual reality, has reached a level of religious proportions and I am among the flock.  I created this piece as a "tongue in cheek" commentary on our worship of technology. The Little Chapel features nine video screens that have animated stained glass windows showing different technological scenes such as "Our Blessed Lady of the Sacred Selfie" and "The Adoration of the MacBook".  As the faithful enter the Chapel they will hear soothing and up lifting electronic music to inspire the soul.  Worshipers may sit on the bench and look through the prayer book where they will find QR codes that can be scanned to link to the all mighty Internet's inspirational messages, affirmations and commandments.  At the front of the Chapel sits the robot like Madonna and Child who gazes upon the faithful.  If your computer has a virus, or your system has crashed you might want to say a little prayer to the Madonna and Child.



Video Installation with mirrored paper rings

Aliens and 8 screen installation at Motion Art Exhibition at the Niza Knoll Gallery in Denver, CO 2016.

The 8 screen installation features three different video pieces: Fall Leaves, Yoo Hoo and a Self Porttait.

Video Installation Commission for the Loveland Museum and Gallery